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Building your dream home?
It's never been easier!

Building a new home has always been part of the Australian dream. Advest is here to help you see your dream come true with our specially designed land and construction loans.

Advest Land and Construction Loans
We understand how exciting it is to have found that ideal block of land and be ready to build your brand new home. Advest makes it easy for you to get underway with our package of land and construction loans. Whether you are a regular income earner or self-employed we can assist you with the right loan for your individual needs.

Whether you've found your builder and are ready to go or are simply exploring your options, contact us and we will help guide you through the steps to see your dream become a reality.

And the option of a 2% reduction on the interest rate for the term of the loan applies, saving you money and helping you with all those extra little expenses, making your dream home become a reality even more quickly.

Advest Construction Loan

This loan allows you to build your dream home within a six month period from the finalization of the purchase of your land and commencement of construction. Once construction is completed the loan automatically converts into a Principle and Interest loan.

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Hints and Tips

Choosing Your Block of Land
Choosing your block of land is an important decision. Once you have decided on the general location and the amount your can afford to spend, your choice of block should also include consideration of the following:
• Assessment of soil type and stability
• Aspect, view, drainage and the amount and direction of sunlight
• Location of existing trees
• Access to the block
• Whether the land is flat or sloping will determine the type of house you can build on the block, and the cost of excavation and the foundations of the building.
Your builder can assist you in getting professional advice on these matters.

If you already have a particular house in mind, ask the builder to examine the block and advise on its suitability for the construction of your home.

Choosing Your Builder
Display homes and villages are a great way to find a home that just right for your budget and the needs of your family. They offer a good range of prices, styles and design concepts and will be able to answer any questions you have on the design and





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