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Documentation Checklist

Below is a list of types of documentation that you may need to provide for us to process your loan application. If you need help or would simply like to discuss any of the following, please call us on 1300 851 353. We’d be pleased to help.

1. 100 Point Check
You will be required to provide us with identification that meets the Government’s 100 Points check requirements. Below is a list of documents that can be used to make up the 100 points.

Document Type Points Allocated
Express Investment Loan
A Licence or Identification Card which contains your name, photograph and signature, such as:
Driver’s licence, Public Service ID card, Social Security ID card, Tertiary Student ID Card
A written reference signed by both the issuer and yourself, including;
• Another financial body
• Your Bank, Building Society or Credit Union
to whom you have been known for at least 12 months
Your name and address verified by:
• A mortgage or other instrument of security held by another financial body
• A current employer, or previous employer within the last 2 years
• Council Rates
• Credit Reference (CRAA) document
• Lands Title Office documentation
Your Name, Address and Telephone Number verified by latest telephone directory plus contact with you by a call made to that number
Your name and address verified by:
landlord, electoral roll, public utility record, another financial body,

Your name verified on the following document:
Credit card, Council rates notice, Telephone account, Medicare card
Your name and date of birth verified bye:
Educational institution records, Trade or professional membership records

2. Other General Documentation

Type of Borrower Documentation
All loans • Your Australian Tax File Number (ATN)
• Proof of Residence
• Any existing Loan Accounts – 12 months’ statements
• Most recent Credit Card and Store Card statements
• Records of your investments, shares, unit trusts etc (if applicable)
• Life Insurance and Superannuation (if applicable)
First Home Owners First Home Owner Grant form (signed) – We can assist with this
Purchase of New Property • Contract of Sale (purchase of property)
• Receipt of deposit paid (purchase of property)
• Six months’ bank statements showing genuine savings (if applicable)
• Proof of Income (if applicable)
Refinance of Existing Property • Copy of last 6 months’ bank statements
• Copy of Council rates notice or Certificate of Title (Title particulars need to be provided)
• Three months’ statements for any smaller loans being consolidated into refinance (e.g. Credit Cards, Personal Loans or Car Finance)

3. Proof of Income Documentation

Type of Borrower Documentation
PAYE Borrowers • Copy of last 2 consecutive pay slips
• Letter of employment from current employer
• Last 2 years’ group certificates if you are paid for regular overtime or receive regular bonus payments
Self- Employed Borrowers • Copy of last 2 years’ tax returns: Personal and Business (i.e. profit and loss / balance sheet along with personal tax returns)
• 2 years’ Tax Assessment notices
Lo Doc Borrowers • Signed Income Declaration form
Sole Trader
(Small Business Owners, subcontractors, professionals, consultants)
• Last 2 years’ signed Personal Tax Returns with Full Schedules
• Profit and Loss statement
Company Business
(Family, Unit or Discretionary)
• 2 most recent years’ signed Company Tax Returns with Financial Statements
• Last 2 years’ Personal Tax Returns with Full Schedules
• Profit and Loss Statements
• Interest / Lease payments

Once a loan application has been submitted to the credit department for assessing, there will be no refunding of any monies paid if the application is withdrawn or cancelled.



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