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Expanding your business?

No Fuss

Low Rates

Less Paperwork

A home loan that saves you time and money!

If you are just getting started, need cash for a new business venture, looking to expand your business or suffer from unpredictable cash flows and want the convenience of one simple loan, then Advest has a product specially designed to meet your need.

You can use your home loan to secure your business finance but still get a great rate and great flexibility, with features such as:

• direct access by cash card, deposit card, internet and phone banking
• loan splits
• quick, easy, fuss-free application process

makes it so much easier the Advest way.

Advest No Fuss Loans
Want a great loan without all the fuss of supplying application criteria? Advest’s No Fuss features can be added to any loan and make them suitable for contractors, self-employed and business owners. All still available with the flexibility and convenient features you would expect from a loan!

Advest Quick Pay
Own your home sooner so you have the cash for other important things such as education, holidays, investment or securing a great financial future. You can also split your loan so that you can access cash to fund your business. And with the added convenience of low interest rate, no monthly fees, ATM access and internet and telephone banking, we’ll help you reach your goals faster.(Link to Line of Credit Loan)

Advest also provides Commercial loans and leases.


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Hints and Tips

Take a look at our 7 Steps To Success
our easy guide to helping you get started.

Or if you feel more relaxed talking in person, call Advest on

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or submit your details now and one of our friendly, experienced team will be to pleased assist you in getting up and going.

What is self-certification?

Self Certification means you will be asked to declare your income yourself. We will not ask to look at your accounts as proof of earnings. You could be asked for an accountant’s certificate stating that your income is sufficient to service the loan. Some loan providers will ask for a few bank statements covering a period stated by them, so they can assess gross income.

We recommend you any means available to you to proving that you are of less risk to a lender. If you have a landlord or already have a mortgage then use these as proof of punctual payment.

Starting Your Business
Here are a few helpful tips if you’re ready to say goodbye to the rat race and be your own boss:
• Decide on your business idea
• Write down your to-do list
• Consider your financial plan – we recommend your seek professional advice on this matter, but here are a few things you should consider:
1. Make an inventory of your present assets--savings accounts, real estate equity, retirement accounts, etc. This helps you determine: a) if you want to sell anything or use the accounts for funding; or b) what you can use as collateral for a loan.

2. Determine your startup costs--all the money you need to get your business off the ground and floating for at least six months while you gather customers and start bringing in cash. This includes paying yourself a salary, because, unfortunately, you can't live on air during the startup phase.
• Set your business goals
• Do some market research
• Figure out who your prospective customers will be
• Decide on your company structure
• Promote your new business through things like business cards, letterbox fliers, website.
• If possible work out of your home for a while

And most of all, don’t get overwhelmed by all there is to do - take it one day at a time!



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