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Why Choose Advest?

1. We Listen! We know that’s not enough, but it’s an important start. You are our priority. You will not be pressured to accept any loan unless you are settled that its right for you.

2. We can offer a 2% interest rate discount on any loan. Ask us how.

3. We are Mortgage Managers, not brokers. That means we do the application for you and work with you for the life of the loan to help maximise your financial opportunities. Even the banks just give you the loan and then you only hear from them when the rate goes up!

Can Advest access all loan types?

We can adapt products to help achieve your financial goals. Main loans available are:

Sure Start: A Standard Principal and Interest Loan that can be used to borrow up to 95% of a property’s value.
Quick Pay: A Line of Credit for faster repayment with the ability to use equity to buy needed extras, plus a loan splitting feature for investment and business purposes.
Start-Up: Lower Repayments to start and higher ones over time.
No Fuss, Lo Doc: Suitable for contractors, self-employed and business owners, with all the convenient features you would expect from a loan.
Express, No Doc: Fast approval at a higher rate for those who find it difficult to prove a financial history.

We also facilitate Business Expansion, Commercial Property and Car Hire Purchase Loans plus Leasing for a number of categories.

What Fees and Charges apply?

Our mortgage service to you is free. The funding organisation pays us a commission percentage and covers certain other costs we may incur. Many industries such as the travel industry pay commission in the same way. This enables a more competitive marketplace and encourages wider access to innovative products and services.

However the funding companies charge loan application and property valuation fees. Each loan is free of all fees and charges unless there is a default on repayments.

Go to Fees for more specific information.

What amount can I borrow?

This is everyone’s concern. The percentage of the property’s value that can be borrowed depends on the type of loan and your ability to reliably service the repayments. However, most loans can be an amount up to 95% of the property’s value, although ‘No Doc’ and ‘Lo Doc’ Loans are a lower percentage of property value. Our experienced loan consultant will assist you to calculate the correct figure, so that you can search for a property with confidence.

Surely the interest rate discount (up to 2% ) is too good to be true?

Some lenders offer a discount rate for a short period of the loan. We can offer some borrowers a 2% interest rate discount for the life of their loan. It’s real and it’s possible.

Each borrower must satisfy the required lending criteria for this feature in the same way that any loan application must meet minimum requirements.

How do we do it? Contact a consultant to find out how.

Does the interest rate discount work with every loan? Yes.

The discount can be applied to any loan – even no doc loans.Contact a consultant to find out how.

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