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Home loan products

Advest Sure Start
This straight-forward loan has regular monthly repayments with the benefits of low interest, no monthly fees and the convenience of internet access and telephone banking.

Advest Start-up Loan
This loan is ideal for those looking for lower initial payments to relieve the stress of the extra costs of moving and getting established in a new home. Advest's Start-up loan could be just the thing you need by keeping your repayments low for an initial period of your choice, what you save on your interest only repayments can be used to buy the things that turn your new house into your dream home.

Advest Quick Pay
Own your home sooner so you have the cash for other important things such as education, holidays, investment or securing a great financial future. And with the added convenience of low interest rate, no monthly fees, ATM access and internet and telephone banking, we'll help you get there faster.

Advest Construction Loan

Build your dream home within a six month period from the finalization of the purchase of your land and commencement of construction. Once construction is completed the loan automatically converts into a Principle and Interest loan.

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Advest No Fuss Lo Doc Loans
Want a great loan without all the fuss of supplying application criteria? Advest's No Fuss Loan is suitable for contractors, self-employed and business owners, with all the convenient features you would expect from a loan.

Home Equity Release Loan

Home owners over 60 years of age can access the equity in their home with the freedom to choose how they want to spend or invest the money. There is no income verification required for this loan and it is available in all states and territories of Australia.

Advest Land Loan
Advest Land loan allows customers to purchase a block of residential land with the intent to construct a home. After settlement, construction must commence within two years. This loan partners easily with Advest Construction Loan.

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