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7 steps to success

Many people feel unsure of the processinvolved in applying for a home loan. At Advest we understand that you want to feel confident about making the right choice. This Seven Steps To Success guide is a great place to start. But remember, if there's anything you don't understand, pick up the phone. We're here to help. We listen!

Step 1 - How much can I borrow?
How much you can borrow depends on your income, your other day-to-day expenses and the amount of deposit you have saved. To work out how much you may be able to borrow, check out the following calculators:
How much can I borrow?
What will my repayments be?

Step 2 - What about other expenses?
There are some expenses incurred as part of the loan application process and as part of the ongoing requirements of the loan and also the responsibility of owning your new home. Don't be caught out by the unexpected.
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Step 3 - How does this work with my budget?
Not sure how your repayments and other expenses will affect your day-to-day budget? Here's a helpful tool to ensure that you are not financially over-committing yourself with your mortgage. Check out our Budget Planner, then we'll help you find the loan that best fits you.
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Step 4 - Which loan is right for me?
Advest has a range of loans tailored to suit every need. Whether you are a wage earner, self-employed or interested in an investment property, want set monthly repayments or want to pay your home off quickly, we have a loan that is right for you.

Have a browse through the range of loans Advest has to offer. You will notice they vary in features such as interest rates, redraw facilities and documentation requirements. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 851 353 and one of our experienced staff will help you work out what's right for you.


Step 5 -What about a Deposit?
Most loans require a deposit of 5% of the total amount being borrowed in the way of savings.
As a First home buyer you also have the option of using the First Home Owners Grant and / or money gifted by loved ones to help you get started.
However, Advest can also assist you in buying your own home, even if you don't have a deposit!
So, get out of the rental rut by contacting us today

Step 6 - Can I Get Pre-Approval If Required?
Yes! Being able to get pre-approval is helpful as some Estate Agents request it before showing you properties.
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Step 7- What Information Will I Need To Give You?

Every loan application needs to be accompanied by documentation so your loan can be approved as quickly as possible.

Click here for a list of the type of documents we'll need from you.

Now you have considered the 7 Steps to Success, you're really ready to go . . .


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