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Tips on moving house 

• Gather moving supplies, boxes, tape, rope/string. (Old newspapers are always handy for wrapping breakable goods before boxing)
• If moving far away, make any necessary travel arrangements like airline, hotel, and rental car reservations.
• Select a removal company.
• Finalize real estate and apartment rental needs.
• Place legal, medical, and insurance records in a safe and accessible place.
• Give the post office your new mailing address. You can also ask the post office to forward your mail to your address.
• Give your mailers your new address.
• Remember to notify all your friends and family of your new address.
• Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions must also be notified.
• Charge card and credit card companies.
• Doctors, dentists, and other service providers.
• State and Federal Tax authorities and any other government agencies as needed.
• Save moving receipts (many moving expenses are tax deductible).
• Make maps of your new neighborhood to familiarize yourself and your family with your new area.
• Plan your moving budget.
Two Weeks before Moving:
• Inform gas, electrical, water, cable, telephone services of your move. Remember to sign up for services at your new address!
• Recruit moving-day help.
• Confirm travel reservation.
• Arrange to close or transfer your bank account, if needed.
Request free quotes from several moving companies and truck or trailer hire

• Pack a bag of personal items you'll need during the move (change of clothes, toiletries, medicine, maps, food, and drinks). Keep it in an easy-to-find place when you pack.
• Keep a medical kit accessible.
• If you have children, pack a bag of games and activities for the trip



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