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Advest 2 % Discount


Advest now offers a unique home, refinance or investment loan feature.

Borrowers who satisfy the relevant lending criteria* may receive up to a 2% interest rate discount for the life of their loan.

To our knowledge no other lender can match this saving! All benefits of the loan such as redraw are retained.

For example a 2% interest rate discount# on a $500,000 loan over 30 years equals a total saving in excess of $300,000 and may reduce the term of the loan by up to 10 years.

* Each borrower must satisfy the required lending criteria for this feature in the same way that any loan application must meet minimum requirements.

#This calculation has used an example of a 6.95% variable rate and an example of a reduction to 4.95% plus charges for most of the loan term for a Standard Principal and Interest Loan. Application fees, property valuation and other fees will apply. These figures are an example only and individual circumstances may vary.

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